Support Academy scholarships

The Academy provides the gold-standard in musical training. We aim at opening these opportunities to the widest range of musicians, regardless of background and circumstances.

The Royal Academy of Music has a rich history of awarding scholarships to its exceptional students in need of support. Felix Mendelssohn’s scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music allowed Arthur Sullivan to study at the Academy in the 1840s.

The need for scholarship funding has never been as acute as today. Many of our students would simply be unable to take up a place at the Academy without the support of external benefactors. As well as the cost of fees, students need to cover their living and travel expenses, as well as a host of hidden costs which are a staple of the life of a young musician-in-training, such as performance attire and instrument repair.

Our students follow an intensive programme of study, with free time spent practising or performing. Such a packed schedule leaves very little time for additional paid work. Scholarships enable our students to focus on their all-important musical development.

Our students are invariably interested in keeping in touch with their supporters and learning the stories behind their scholarships. The Academy provides regular updates on student progress and opportunities for supporters to meet their students and hear them perform.

Intervention from a supporter at a crucial moment can change the course of a young person’s life and set them on the road to success. We would be delighted if you were to join us on this journey.

‘When I came to London to audition at the Academy I tried not to get my hopes up. I knew I would not be able to afford to move and pay fees even if I was successful. I do not come from a wealthy background. Having the opportunity to study at Masters level was something I hoped for but did not think was possible. When I found out I was the recipient of a Scholarship, I was so overjoyed! I felt incredibly honoured that you would enable me to change my life, and give me the opportunity that I thought only other people were able to experience.’

Claire Newton, viola postgraduate

‘I am well aware of the challenges facing talented young musicians. In my early career, I was fortunate to be assisted by generous donors whose support enabled me to move to London to learn from the very best teachers in the world. The Royal Academy of Music is a very special place, and I can only urge others to join me in supporting its incredibly talented and deserving students.’

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Visiting Professor of Singing and supporter

‘Helping talented young artists along the way is one of life's more satisfying pursuits, especially when it comes at the most critical time in their development.  It is striking how even a modest amount can make a world of  difference. The letters I receive from grateful students are heartfelt and moving. The Academy is truly part of my family.’

John Kenneth Adams, alumnus and scholarship supporter