Application dates

Information about applying to the Academy is available in a range of alternative formats. Please contact the Registry staff to request details in a format that suits you. Once you are ready to apply, UCAS Conservatoires can help you with the application process.

You should use UCAS Conservatoires to apply for all Academy auditions, except those for the MPhil research degree and for study abroad or ERASMUS exchange placements.

You may still be able to apply for September 2017 entry.

Please use our online form to find the best study option for you.

3rd October 2016 was the main application deadline for our London auditions in December. The deadline is later for some applications.

If you have missed the deadline for your application, please contact before submitting a late application. We can consider late applications if there are still places available.

If you live in the UK or Europe, you must attend the main London auditions. Other international candidates are strongly advised to do likewise, but you may prefer to attend our North American or Asian centres if your Principal Study/Programme is auditioned there.

Musical Theatre auditions will additionally be held in New York on 11th and 12 February 2017: view details here.  

Application Timetable

View details of the application timetable for studies starting in September 2017

3rd October 2016 18:00 UK time BST

Application deadline for most London auditions.

Application deadline for all UCAS Conservatoires video applications, except Musical Theatre.

Composition portfolio (except MPhil): deadline for receipt of portfolio.

East Asia auditions: October application deadlines for East Asia audition centres are set by the local centre coordinator; you are guaranteed an audition if you apply by 3rd October. If you apply after that date you will be included if there is space left in the audition timetable so please contact the local centre coordinator.

Later deadlines are set for:
• Musical Theatre
• Orchestral Conducting
• Choral Conducting
• Continuing Professional Development Diploma
• MPhil
• Auditions in North America
Please see the information below.

1st November 2016

References: Deadline for UCAS Conservatoires references to be received for December auditions in London, and for East Asian auditions.

Deadline for Musical Theatre department applications (live audition or video).

Deadline for receipt of video recordings for all eligible Principal Studies.

Deadline for applications for Orchestral Conducting.
Deadline for receipt of first-round video recordings for Orchestral Conducting.

Early November 2016

Notification of dates for auditions in London in December. (Musical Theatre candidates are notified slightly later; see below).

Notification of dates for auditions in Asia.

Confirmation of first-round assessment results for composition candidates and notification of composition interview dates for the selected candidates.

Mid-November 2016

Notification of dates for Musical Theatre auditions in London in December.

Late November 2016

Auditions in Asia: Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. Please see the Asia auditions web page for details about these auditions.

1 to 16 December 2016

Main audition session in London.
Candidates should expect to be called on any date during this session, but please note we do not audition every Principal Study on each day of the session and some Principal Studies may only have a single day of auditions.

This session does not include Orchestral Conducting, Choral Conducting, Continuing Professional Development Diploma or MPhil, those are assessed in the Spring term and have a January application deadline.

Late December

Results from the London and East Asia audition sessions are issued through UCAS Conservatoires before Christmas, after the end of the London audition session. Please make sure that you have paid for all your UCAS Conservatoires applications – you cannot receive your result if there is any debt on your UCAS Conservatoires account.

9th January 2017

Application deadline for Choral Conducting (auditioned in London), and auditions in North America.

Deadline for UCAS Conservatoires references to be received for February auditions.


Notification of Orchestral Conducting first-round results, confirmation to selected candidates of the time for their second-round assessment (live audition)

16th January 2017

Application deadline for the MPhil research degree applications.

23rd January 2017

Application deadline for Continuing Professional Development Diploma (CPD)

Late January 2017

Notification of audition times for Orchestral Conducting, Choral Conducting, CPD, and for auditions in North America. Individual audition times will be notified through UCAS Conservatoires.

31st January 2017

Response deadline for December offers.

Deadline for Research Degree references.

Bursary application deadline for eligible postgraduate and international students.

February 2017

Confirmation of first-stage assessment results for MPhil candidates and notification of interview dates where appropriate.

Auditions in London:
Orchestral Conducting second-round auditions (two day process) 16th and 17th February
Choral Conducting: (one day process) 15th and 16th February
CPD auditions (dates to be confirmed)
Repetiteur auditions (date to be confirmed)

Results are issued through UCAS Conservatoires usually within one month of the audition date.

Auditions in North America:
Musical Theatre auditions will be held in New York on 11 and 12 February 2017, for more information please click here.  

For other principal studies, the New York audition session dates will be confirmed on this page.
Results are issued through UCAS Conservatoires, usually within one month of the audition date.

1st March 2017

Inbound ERASMUS and Study Abroad (Year Abroad) application deadline.

Early March 2017

Interviews for MPhil research degree. Results are usually issued by post within three weeks of the interview date.

May 2017

ERASMUS and Study Abroad results. Results are usually issued directly to candidates’ Exchange/Study Abroad coordinators in their own institution.


General dates

April onwards: Invoices are issued by the Finance Department, they are posted to the home address of candidates who have accepted a study place (except for BMus UK/EU fees). Deposit payment is due 4 weeks after the issue date of the invoice.

1st May: IELTS/Pearson test results must reach the Academy Registry.

From 1st May: US Federal Loan applications can be made, for processing during July.

May: UK Student Finance applications should be completed during this month.

June: Visa applications can be made after getting a sponsor number (CAS), requested from the Academy Registry.

July: Send a copy of your matriculation document (except recent A-levels) to the Academy Registry, with an official translation into English if the document is not in English.
The Academy's ‘information pack’ web link for new students is sent by email.

August: Return ‘information pack’ forms to the Academy Registry.

Recent A-level results are sent to the Academy directly through UCAS.

September: Enrolment commences. We will need to see your original matriculation document and your passport.