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The Royal Academy of Music has been training students for over 190 years. During that time, we have produced hundreds and thousands of musicians who have succeeded at the highest levels.

Whether you aspire to becoming the next Simon Rattle, Elton John or Miloš, this special place is committed to helping students realise their talent and follow in the footsteps as their musical forbears and heroes.

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@RoyalAcadMusic • 2月 28
Congratulations to @nickmogg for winning #vocal final of @ROSLARTS competition and good luck for the grand final!
@RoyalAcadMusic • 2月 28
Is your child musical? #JuniorAcademy offers inspiration & support. Bursaries available. Deadline to apply is Wed:……
@RoyalAcadMusic • 2月 28
TODAY Are you a John Cage and Morton Feldman fan? Come to our #free study day 3.30–7.30:
@RoyalAcadMusic • 2月 28
Congratulations to @ConorMcFarlane on winning the HL Hammond Prize for verse speaking, adjudicated by @LozzaFox
@RoyalAcadMusic • 2月 28
TODAY Shostakovich Chamber Music 1.05pm Cello Sonata in D min; Piano Trio no.1 in C min #free